LED And LCD TVs Services Near You 

Don’t trust your television for a DIY installation. Treasure Coast Home Theatre can make sure your new LED/LCD TV is installed properly and securely. We can help you find the right spot in your room to display your TV, wire it correctly, and ensure it’s safely installed, wherever you choose to put it. Don’t just hang it and hope! Protect your investment and get the most out of your TV with our expert help.  

Treasure Coast Home Theatre is one of the most affordable corporations for LED/LCD TV installation services that takes time to thoroughly examine your space before advising you to pick the highest quality mounts, wiring, and positions to make you fully experience the premier TV viewing comfort. There are many LEDs, LCDs, and various types of screens which are required to be installed at a certain angle to get a comfortable view and enjoy your favorite TV show. Each of these possesses a different mount which is installed by several different means. Treasure Coast Home Theatre assures the best installation of these mounts. 

What We Offer 

  • Qualified Team 
  • Affordable Pricing 
  • Same-Day Service 
  • Years Of Experience 
  • 1000+ Projects Done 
  • No Upfront Costs 

TV Installation and Other Services

  • HDTV installation
  • LED and LCD TVs
  • Flat-panel plasma TVs
  • TV projector installation
  • Networking for internet installation
  • New equipment sales for home theater